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Geoff Harrison

Over the last 6 months I have been working on a small documentary project with Geoff Harrison called Me – Complete – You.

We released the final edit yesterday as it got picked up by a couple of art websites. The documentary describes how Geoff started his art practice, why he is drawn to anatomical art, as well as exploring a series of work he produced entitled Autopoiesis:

“Autopoiesis – Self-Creation (Greek: auto “self”; and poiesis “creation or production”).
Systems within systems; indistict boundaries, blurred distinctions between constituent parts.
Its tempting to consider the human organism as a complete sum of many merging systems. It might provide the exemplary sole self-sufficient unit were it not problemetised by our complex relationships and myriad dependencies.” – Geoffrey Harrison – Artist

You can read the full interviews with Geoff here:
FAD Website
The Art and Science Journal

Camera, Scripting, Edit and Grading – Chris Talintyre –
Music by Tom Poole at Tom Poole Music –
Second Camera – Ollie Peart –

Canon 60d
Zeiss Glass (50mm, 24-70mm)
Tokina (11-16)
Premiere Pro, Speedgrade, After effects

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