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marketing services

Introduction .

Multitudes of marketing services but which one is right?

There are as many marketing services out there, as there are types of businesses, so it is important that you find a service that suits your needs. I may not offer that particular service, but I can certainly put you in touch with someone that can. As for my own services I have built them around the work that I have been doing in the media as well as other sectors for the last 15 years. I now offer them directly to brands and businesses as a marketing consultant. So if you’d like to find out more please get in touch.


What are marketing services?

There is no precise definition of marketing services, but in essence, it is one or more marketing function(s) (such as SEO or Content Marketing), that are packaged up and supplied to a buyer that has a lack of resource, experience or expertise to deliver that function in-house. Some times these services are very technical or require specialist expertise, other times the service is broader and more of a consultative marketing service across a range of different specialisms.

In my case, I have worked in traditional marketing, direct marketing also in media at the beginning of digital transformation, starting with email and display advertising, but quickly becoming experienced in all forms of digital marketing. Below is a selection of the services I offer, but if you want something bespoke or just want to pick my brains over a coffee please feel free to contact me.

Benefit from Experience

Marketing Strategy

Having been both a Head of Marketing, Audience Director and a Digital Director of a pan European company, marketing strategy is something that I have always been interested in. I have built many long term plans for a variety of brands in the consumer sector. Below are the key marketing services I offer within my strategy offering:

  • Research & Analysis
  • Value Proposition Design
  • Consumer Value Journey
  • Channel Strategy
  • Content Strategy
  • Marketing Planning

I have a whole page dedicated to explaining how I can help your business with marketing strategy.

Services to attract new customers


Before getting into lower-funnel marketing, it is critical to define what your prospective customers look like, understand their behaviour and reach them through a well consider programme of marketing designed to raise awareness of your brand or product. This doesn’t happen immediately, and the best programmes establish a value exchange between consumer and product, as well as addressing pains that consumers have.

Marketing services to convert users into customers


There is not a lot of point in just attracting an audience without then building a relationship with them and converting a proportion of them into customers. Many channels have traditionally lent themselves to this task but as a direct marketer, I can assure you most marketing channels can be used to convert audiences into customers if you how the right setup and knowhow.

Keep users engaged with your brand


Retention marketing is an often overlooked area of marketing and can encompass many different channels and tactics if approached in the right way. It could involve designing users journeys that keep customers engaged, identifying customers that are likely to churn, or offering experiences that are exclusive to them. Increasing this involves personalisation, data segmentation and communication programmes.

Find out what I can do for your business

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