The Indestructibles with Casio G-SHOCK



Factory Media
Strategy, Activation & Production


Casio G-SHOCK had a major strategic challenge. The Apple Watch was due to launch in their key buying period over Christmas. How do you maximise your marketing budget for the greatest cut-through and get TV, social and digital working together? Each element needed to add something to the campaign, with minimal wastage and maximum reach and engagement. 


The Indestructibles with Casio G-SHOCK model was unique, using the team’s strengths in a wealth of key areas and producing content for all digital and TV platforms.

The solution was to team up with UKTV to create 12 epic moments, featuring world-class athletes, targeted to a mass but engaged audience and share them across multiple distribution channels.

We wrapped a £1m production budget and £1m of digital and social marketing around a co-viewing TV format and built awareness prior to the show through social formats on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and O&O channels.


The Indestructibles content strategy was conceived to be organic and did not resort to any paid activity.

In addition we built custom channels on YouTube and Facebook to drive deeper engagement, and got users to enter competitions, giveaways and more.

O&O content supported the campaign with interviews, updates and features throughout the whole production phase of the campaign. I exec-produced over 250 pieces of digital content, that was delivered across three strategic content verticals:
– Tease
– Build
– Epic moments


With the audience team we developed a programme of digital and social content that teased the show and delivered on G-SHOCK’s key product points of land, air and sea.

We developed specific formats around these verticals and delivered platform specific formats to each platform and channel.

We utilised our access to talent to create spinoff formats and ideas, and customised content and edits for sports participants, sports fans or more general audiences.


We utilised licensed content curated by our in-house team to tease the audience. Many clips had a viral element to them to keep users coming back for more and to utilise sharing as the primary means of distribution.

This was followed by content produced by our in-house team, designed to build the audience and engender deeper engagement. They produced longer-form video content for our O&O channels that would appeal to sports fans and athletes, more general longer form for YouTube, as well as short clips and updates for Twitter and Facebook. 

The final focus for each Episode for broadcast was to raise awareness of the epic moment that had just been broadcast to drive users to catch up with UKTV’s on-demand service.


The Indestructibles with Casio G-SHOCK was Factory’s first entry into the broadcast market, but fitted perfectly with their ambition to just produce great content – whether social, digital, TV, branded or editorial. I headed up the programme of content, marketing, digital production and delivery to various clients together, alongside an Executive Producer, Creative Director as well as in-house production, audience and distribution teams. I was also the main point of client contact and media agency.


Hero Watch Sales

24 million people
10 million organic
3.7m engaged users
13% uplift in sales
48% increase in sales



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