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I Believe Effective And Award-Winning Storytelling Is Key To Digital Success, In A ‘Return On Attention Digital Economy”

Chris Talintyre / Marketing Consultant & Founder of Polything

My Story
So Far .

My name is Chris Talintyre and for the last 20 or so years, I have worked as a marketer, mostly within the media industry. I’ve worked across local, specialist and consumer media for brands like Time Out, NME, Marie Claire, Trusted Reviews, and many more besides.

I started in a growing area of the business, developing direct to consumer strategies and managing direct marketing campaigns. Through doing this, I started undertaking some of the earliest digital campaigns in media. For example, we launched the second-ever commercial campaign on Twitter and trended for three days.

My experience in direct marketing proved very useful in engaging consumers and growing audiences online.

Over the years my career developed in terms of function as well as seniority, storytelling became more important, the ability to create video content as well as words, technical skills such as SEO and affiliate marketing knowledge, social media exploded. Ultimately, I became a digital director of a medium-sized media company, responsible for audience development, product, and technical teams as well as monetisation.

In all that time many things have changed in the digital landscape, but I have found that the fundamentals of storytelling, direct and digital marketing are as relevant today as they have always been.

What I Do Now …

Three years ago I became a marketing consultant, and now with a wide range of clients who want to leverage the power of storytelling in their marketing strategy. For some clients, I do very specific things, like app user acquisition, and for others, I act as an outsourced digital director helping them with a range of projects including technical SEO, content strategy, paid media, UX and conversion rate optimisation.

Ideation & Planning

Invite me in at the ideation or planning stage of your marketing strategy to breath new life into your ideas and bring storytelling to the heart of your brand offering.

Campaign Activation

I can work with your in-house team, or utilise my team of trusted freelancers, to deliver a programme of content and, or, marketing activity.

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